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When should I get a home inspection?

   If you are buying a home, you will want to schedule a home inspection as soon as your purchase offer has been accepted. Many of the real estate contracts limit the number of days to complete a home inspection.

   If you are selling a home, it is best to have a pre-listing inspection before your home is listed for sale. This will help in several ways: help reduce surprise repairs, and reduce the negotiating power of those making an offer.

How much time does a home inspection take?

It depends on a number of factors: like size of home and if it has a crawlspace. In general, an average home takes 2-3 hours. But we will stay to answer your questions.

May I be present at the inspection?

Certainly. Feel free to ask questions too.

What should I look for in my Home Inspector?

It is important to find an inspector who is a certified member of a real estate inspection organization. California has no license for inspectors so a certification by a 3rd party is important.

Are you a Certified Home Inspector?

Yes, we are certified through the organization: CREIA (California’s finest inspection organization)

What type of report will I get?

Some inspectors will only use a checklist. We present each of our clients with a computer generated narrative report with photos that is typically 30 pages long. It highlights all the home’s systems and any concerns we have.

How do I find a good, quality home inspector?

The good news is, you have found one. We pride our selves on doing a quality job and pleasing our clients.


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