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Poway Home Inspection by certified home inspector

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The systems & components* that are generally inspected are:

* some exceptions apply

The Inspection

A home inspection is a general survey of the home’s systems and components. As a certified inspector we examine the systems and major components of a home while looking for damage and some other issues that are important to the home buyer.

The inspection usually takes 2-3 hours. Of course, an inspection can take more or less time depending on the age and an size of the home. The inspection is a visual examination of the accessible portions of the home and gives the home buyer valuable information. Some clients have even able to negotiate a price reduction due to the findings on the report.   

After completing the onsite inspection we then create a quality inspection report of the home that you are considering purchasing. The report varies but is typically 20-30 pages of valuable and useful information.

We would love the opportunity to provide you with a home inspection. Please contact us…we would love the opportunity to speak with you.

Once the inspection is completed we are still not finished working for you. We then get busy working to produce your home inspection report.

Professional reporting software is used to produce a quality report that you will receive. Our home inspection reports are lengthy. They are often 30 or more pages and includes photographs of some of the issues discovered during the inspection. We typically have the report to the buyer in the same day as the inspection or within 24 hours.

Sometimes the buyer will use the information provided by the inspector to help negotiate repairs to the home.

The Report