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Poway Home Inspection by certified home inspector

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MrInspectorMan Home Inspector is a professional home inspection services that provides inspection services as part of the real estate transaction. If you are looking for a certified, professional home inspector then you have come to the right place. We specialize in home inspection in Poway and all of San Diego county.

What we do

A home inspector conducts a general survey of the home's systems and components and basic operation of the system and components. The information gathered by the inspector is put into a report and is then provided to assist the home buyer. Read more about the home inspection process.

Did you know???

The state of California does not have a license requirement for home inspectors. Make certain your home inspector is certified through a respectable inspection organization. MrInspectorMan is certified by CREIA, the California Real Estate Inspectors Association, which is perhaps the most respected and oldest inspection organization in California. Call a Poway Home Inspector: MrInspectorMan.

Buying a home? More info

Purchasing a home in southern California is a big decision ...especially in Poway. You do not want to go into it alone. There are professionals that can help guide you while helping you avoid the some of the pitfalls that await the unwary buyer.

A certified home inspector is an individual who has been trained to examine a home and discover issues and then pass these findings along to the potential buyer. The buyer is then better informed and is able to make a more knowledgeable decision. Sometimes the potential buyer may even be able to negotiate a better deal because of the findings of the inspector.

Today almost every home in the real estate transaction is inspected by an inspector. So the question is: which inspector? Primarily,

you want an inspector who is certified

by a trustworthy organization. MrInspectorMan

is a certified CREIA inspector.

Sadly there are some inspectors who

will offer a cheap price, but have little

qualifications. You will want

an inspector that is

detailed, relational,

affordable, communicates

well, and is customer oriented.

We believe you will find all these

qualities in us!

* A thorough home inspection

* A professional report with photos

* A professional perspective & evaluation

* Peace of mind about the decision

* Excellent customer service

* The expertise of a certified inspector

* Credit Card reward points (if your card permits)

Here’s what our clients receive… Certified Poway Home Inspector